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gloom,weepinbell,and exeggcute.

train exeggcute until it learns solar beam(its final move) it dosent learn any good moves if you evolve it before then.

train weepinbell until it learns razorleaf or slam(its final move) because victreebel sucks badlly!!!it doesn't learn any moves.

train gloom until it learns solarbeam(its final move)gloom and sunkern evolves by sun stone(you get it in Pokemon bug caching contest at national park for first place).

train gloom until it learns solar beam and use a sun stone(bellossem doesn't learn any moves)

train sunkern until level 31 it will learn synthesis and use sun stone when it evolves it while learn petal dance and at level 46 solar beam(its final move)sunkern learns mega drain at level 46 so if you don't want it to learn petal dance evolve it at level 46.

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Q: Which Pokemon evolve with a leaf stone?
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What Pokemon can evolve with a leaf stone in Pokemon Black and White?

Pansage will evolve by using a Leaf Stone into Simisage.

What does the leaf stone do in Pokemon Blue?

The leaf stone will evolve certain species of pokemon

What Pokemon evolve with a leaf stone in Pokemon sapier?

you can evolve this pokemons:nuzleaf

Can you evolve Eevee with a leaf stone?

No, you cannot evolve Eevee with a leaf stone. It can evolve into the leaf type Pokemon, Leafeon, but it evolves by leveling it up in Eterna Forest in Pokemon Platinum

In Pokemon Diamond what Pokemon evolve from the leaf stone?

A gloom will evolve into a vileplume.

What Pokemon evolve with a leaf stone in Pokemon emerald?

here is a list of Pokemon that evolve with a leaf stone on EmeraldGloom evolves into Vileplume.Nuzleaf evolves into Shiftrey.These are the only two in emerald that evolve by leafstone but there are many other Pokemon that evolve by the leafstone in other games.weepinbell into victreebellHere are the Pokemon that evolve by using a leaf stone on it: Weepinbell, Gloom, Exeggcute.

What does a leaf stone do in soulsilver?

evolve pokemon

How do you evolve gloom in pokemon soul silver?

You can evolve Gloom by a sun stone, or a Leaf stone. Sun stone= Belossom Leaf stone= Vileplume

What level does exeggcute evolve on Pokemon LeafGreen?

When you want it. It evolves with Leaf stone.

What Pokemon evolve using the leaf stone on Pokemon black and white?

The only Unova Pokemon that evolves with a Leaf Stone is Pansage.

How does nuzleaf evolve in Pokemon emerald?

Give him a leaf stone he will evolve

What does the leaf stone evolve in Pokemon Yellow?

you can evolve balbasaur to venasaur