Which Pokemon can use waterfall

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Any water Pokemon will do!

Almost any water Pokemon will do. the only one who can't is slowpoke and the other of it's evolvations.

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Q: Which Pokemon can use waterfall
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Related questions

Where do you use waterfall in Pokemon HeartGold?

you use waterfall at the Pokemon waterfall or the battlefield.

What water Pokemon can use waterfall in Pokemon Gold?

all of them

Pokemon platinum how do you go up watterfalls?

one of your party Pokemon has to know waterfall press A on the waterfall it will say it's a waterfall do you want to use waterfall say yes and you will go up the waterfall

Where do you use waterfall in Pokemon Diamond?

you can use waterfall in victory road and at the end when you are finished with victory road

What Pokemon in crystal version can learn HM waterfall?

almost all of the water type Pokemon can learn and use waterfall

How do you get up the waterfall near the top of Mtcoronet on Pokemon dimond?

Use HM Waterfall

Where can you get a heart scale on Pokemon Saphire?

Go to the waterfall in front of the Pokemon league and use the move waterfall once your up the waterfall use a super rod and fish for rhe Pokemon luvdisc catch a lot of them and one will probably have a heartscale

How do you do the Pokemon league on Pokemon Pearl?

surf north of sunyshore city and use waterfall at the waterfall at the end. Then head through victory road and you're there!

Where to catch luvdisc in emerald?

it is in the Pokemon league where you use waterfall

What TM in Pokemon diamond do you use to get past or over a waterfall?

The HM Waterfall, which is given to you by Jasmine in Sunyshore city

Where is victory road on Pokemon platinum?

You have to first get waterfall from the girl on the beach and then use surf until you find a waterfall

What gym do i beat to be able to use waterfall outside a battle in Pokemon soul silver?

The Gym in Blackthorn City. The gym's special Pokemon type is dragon. After you beat the gym you can use waterfall