Which Mario brother is older?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Mario obviously. But Mario ang Mario and Luigi are twins and were delivered by a stork but apparently Mario is the older twin.

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Q: Which Mario brother is older?
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Who is older Luigi or his brother Mario?

Mario and Luigi are twins, but Mario is older.

Who are Super Mario Bros?

The older brother is Mario, younger brother is Luigi.

Is Mario and luigi brother?

Luigi and Mario are indeed brothers. Mario is the older brother and Luigi the younger brother.

Is lugi older or Mario is?

no, even though Mario is shorter than luigi he is still the older brother.

Is pepe reinas brother older or younger?

pepe reinas brother, mario is younger

Did Mario Lemieux have an older brother who played in the NHL before he did?


Which is talller Mario or luigi?

Though Mario is older than Luigi, Luigi is the taller brother.

How many bros does chipmunk the rapper have?

He has one older brother called Mario.

Is Mario's brother Luigi?

Yes, Luigi is Mario's twin brother, in fact. Luigi is the "brother" in "Super Mario Brothers". They are called the "Super Mario Brothers" because Mario is the older twin, more popular than Luigi, and was introduced 2 years before Luigi in 1981.

How Much more Older is Mario to Luigi?

Donkey Kong- First Mario Game 1981 current time 2010 so Mario is 29 Mario Bros. - First Luigi Game 1983 current time 2010 so luigi is 27 Mario is 29 and Luigi is 27 so Mario is two years older.

Who is older in the Mario or luigi?

Mario. You can tell which is older.

Who is older Mario or wario?

Mario is 29 Wario is 18 Mario is older