Which GB PlayStation 3 is the best?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the 80GB version

The new 250 GB PlayStation 3 slim is the best in production and the original 60 GB also had some nice features, but it is over 3 years old and many have had very hard use. The original 60 GB model is better than the second model that included the 60GB model and the 80 GB model and came out in August 2007. The third models of 40GB, 80GB, and 160 GB do not play PS2 games and run hotter and have a smaller harddrive than the PS3 slim 250 GB model

The 60GB PlayStation 3 is the best model ever made. The 60GB notably includes the Emotion Engine CPU and Graphics Synthesizer GPU of the PlayStation 2 on its motherboard to allow for true backwards compatibility with PS2 games; backwards compatibility was later done through software emulation on the 80GB PS3 and removed altogether on subsequent models. The 60GB, along with the earlier 80GB, is the only model to house a multi-memory card reader, supporting Memory Stick, Secure Digital, as well as Compact Flash formats. Other features include four USB ports, later reduced to two on later PS3 models, and the ability to playback Super Audio CDs. Externally, the 60GB PS3, along with other pre-Slim models, has a dedicated power switch on the back and features touch sensitive buttons, later changed to mechanical ones on the PS3 Slim.

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Q: Which GB PlayStation 3 is the best?
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The 160 GB and 320 GB PlayStation 3 consoles weight approximately 3.2Kg or 7.055 lbs. The name is Playstation 3 and it is not separated into the two words Play and Station, but registered as "PlayStation®3"

Playing PlayStation 2 games on PlayStation 3 250 GB?

You Can't

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While the 250 GB PlayStation 3 slim can play PS1 games it can not play PS2 games and their is nothing you can purchase to make it play them.

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Yes. All the PlayStation 3 consoles have built-in wifi.

Can you use PlayStation 2 games on a PlayStation 3?

This depends on the model of your PlayStation three. Sony has issued out four different models of the PlayStation three, these are; The forty gigabyte, sixty gigabyte, eighty gigabyte and the one hundred and sixty gigabyte. The forty and eighty gigabyte were released first, but the forty gigabyte PlayStation three cannot play PlayStation two games. Any other model can.

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yes you definitely can just pop it in

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No it doesn't. That's the only thing that sucks.

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I do not get your question

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