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route 38

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Q: Where you find lass Dana in Pokemon crystal?
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How can you find a thunder stone in Pokemon crystal?

You get it from lass Dana route 38, Mystery gift, or on route 25.

How can you get a thunder stone in Pokemon crystal version?

get lass dana's number and she will say she has something for you

How can you get another Thunder Stone in Pokemon Crystal if you lost your first one?

One is given to you by Bill's Grandfather on Route 25 when you show him a Pichu. The other is given by Lass Dana on Route 38 after you defeat her in a rematch. I suspect there are only these two in the game as only two Pokemon evolve via Thunder Stone in Pokemon Crystal: Pikachu and Eevee.

Where you can find a thunderstone in Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver?

Bill's grandfather, Lass Dana (Route 38), Bug-Catching Contest first prize, Pokéathlon Dome(Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Price: 2500 Athlete Points)

What route is lass Dana at in soul silver?

She should be on route 38

How do you get a true tunder stone in Pokemon soul silver?

You can get a Thunderstone from Bill's grandpa, Lass Dana (she's on Route 38,) and the Pokeathalon Dome. You can also win it as a prize from the Bug Catching Contest.

Where to obtain thunder stone in Pokemon Crystal?

Go to Ecruteak city. From there, start on your way to Olivine. If you stick to the upper route, you will see a girl. She is Lass Dana. Take her phone number, and she will give you a Thunder Stone after some time. Be patient! You can get Fire Stones from Schoolboy Alan who is near where the Sudowoodo used to be. Take his phone number.

When does lass Dana call to give a thunder stone in soul silver?

After you battle and beat the gym

Where do you find a thunder stone in soul silver?

Show Bill's grandfather the Pokemon he wants to see, get Lass Dana phone number, and she could find one, she is on Route 38, one of the stones that can be won in the Bug-Catching Contest by placing first, or winning the Pokéathlon Dome on Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday.

How many times should you talk to Dana lass to get thunder stone in Pokemon crystal?

well it doesnt really matter how much times it just get to it at some point so if i were you go home to your mom (in the game) and talk to her not about the money but when it says do you want to switch to daylight saving time keep doing it because an hour passes by and some one calls you so keep doing untill dana calls about the thunder stone. hope this helped!

How do you get the thunderstone in route 38 in Pokemon soul silver?

battle lass "Dana" to get her phone number, after waiting a while (2 gym's or just alot of walking and training) she will call you and give you a thunderstone after talking to her again (in front of her)

Where can you get more stones in Pokemon Silver?

ask phonenumbers waterstone: tully fisher(outside mt. mortar) thunderstone: Dana lass (route between ecruteak and olivine) leaf stone: picknicker (goldenrod) fire ston: schoolboy (near by where sudowoodo was x