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Weedles are in the Viridian Forest. that is a lie only on red and blue not yellow niether is ekans

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Q: Where you can find weedle in Pokemon Yellow?
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How do you find a weedle on Pokemon Yellow?

It is only possible to get Weedle in Pokemon Yellow by either trading it from Pokemon Red or Blue versions, or use the Mew Glitch and battle certain trainers.

Where do you find a Weedle in Pokemon White?

You can find a Weedle in White Forest.

Where do you find a Weedle in Pokemon Blue?

In the Pokemon forest

What is the last evolution of a Weedle in Pokemon Yellow?

Weedle evolves into kakuna at level 7 and then it evolves into beedrill at level 10.

What route can you find Weedle Pokemon ruby?

None only firered and leafgreen can get weedle.

What is the number 57 Pokemon in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia and where do you find him?

weedle and in the vien forest

Where do you find a Weedle in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire?

You will need to trade for Weedle or breed Kakuna. Kakuna can be found only in the Safari Zone in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby.

Can you catch weedle in Pokemon Yellow?

yes you can, just walk around the veridian forest for a little while, or the bike path,

Which pokeemon are in the viridian forest in Pokemon LeafGreen?

caterpie, metapod, weedle, kakuna, pidgey, pikachu, and i think pidgeotto might be in leaf green, but it is in Pokemon yellow

Pokemon sapphire how to get weedle?

You can't get weedle you have to trade it from fire red or leaf green

Where can you find a Weedle in Pokemon Platinum?

to find weedle you have to put fire red or leaf green in the gba slot then got to eterna forest and use the pokeradar or just migrate it from fire red or leaf green

Can weedle in Pokemon heartgold learn headbutt?

Sorry, Weedle cannot learn Headbutt at all.