Where to kick a boy in his nuts?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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right between the legs you sick f#*%

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Q: Where to kick a boy in his nuts?
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How do you phsyicaly hurt a boy?

kick him right in the nuts

How do you kiss a boy 5 inches taller than you?

Kick him in the nuts so he will lean down then plant one right on his lips

Should you ever kick a guys nuts?

The only reason you should kick a guy's nuts is if he is attacking you and you need a way to get away.

What hurts more kneed in the nuts or a kick in the nuts?

I'd say a knee

What does it mean if boy who likes you stalks you at school and says he wants sex to make him stop bothering you?

You tell someone but if he gets to close kick him in his nuts and call it a day.

What you should do if an iron giant appear?

kick it in the nuts

Did the Indians kick people in the balls?

yes, it was very common for the indians to kick eachother right in the nuts.

Where do you kick A boy at?

depens on what he does

What do you do if your dog eats all of your Easter candy?

if i were you i'd kick him in the nuts

What are some good strikes to use in a fight?

kick um in the nuts

Should you kick your friend in the nuts?

Absolutely not. You can cause serious damage.

How do you get a girl to kick you in the nuts?

You don't want her to! It will hurt too much!