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get kyogre and then he can go to all regions so he transports you there

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Q: Where to go to veilstone city in Pokemon soul silver?
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What city do you after golden rod city in Pokemon soul silver?

you do ecruteack city

Where is blackthorne city in Pokemon Diamond?

Blackthorne city is not in Pokemon Diamond but in Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver

Where are the kimono girls in Pokemon soul silver?

in ecruteak city

Where is the radio tower on Pokemon soul silver?

goldenrod city.

Where is the battle house in Pokemon soul silver?

it is in the city after pewter

How do you get to Sabrina in Pokemon Soul Silver?

By going to saffron city.

How do you get to bills house in pokemon soul silver?

it is in goldrod city

Where can you find friendship to your pokemon in pokemon soul silver?

goldenrod city in a house there is a lady

Where is Stevens house in violet city on Pokemon soul silver?

on the far left in the city

What city is the dragons den in Pokemon soul silver?

its in blackthorn city behind the gym

Were is pallet town in Pokemon soul silver?

south of viridian city

Where is route 24 in Pokemon soul silver?

it is north of cerulean city