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you get it either on the route to celastic town or on the route from pastoria to hearthrome

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Q: Where to get the shadow ball in platinum?
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Where can you get shadow ball in Pokemon platinum?

TM30 Shadow Ball is found on Route 210 or buy spending BP in the Battle Frontier shop.

What moves can Nature Power become on pearl?

Earthquake , Shadow Ball , yeah mostly that two in platinum WAHAHAHAHA

On Pokemon platinum my Gengar know shadow claw shadow ball shadow punch and dark pulse but now he's trying to learn destiny bond shall a move be fogotten?

No, What Are You Crazy?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

How do you get shadow Lugia in Pokemon platinum with pokesav?

Shadow Lugia does not exist in platinum.

How do you put shadow Lugia in Pokemon Platinum?

You don't. Shadow Lugia is not available in Pokemon Platinum.

How do you activate shadow Lugia on Pokemon Platinum?

You don't. Shadow Lugia is not available on Pokemon Platinum.

How do you get the platinum ball in Pokemon?

There isn't a platinum ball.

Where is shadow ball in pokemon black?

There is no shadow ball.

Can mesprit learn shadow ball?

It can learn Shadow Ball.

Which move is better x-scissors or shadow ball?

shadow ball

How much pp does shadow ball have?

shadow ball has 15 pp

Where is shadow Lugia in the reverse world?

shadow lugia is not in Pokemon platinum