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When you beat the 5th gym and get Surf, go east by Surfing from Mauville City. You will find a Fisherman who says something like" Hmm, a Good Rod is really good, dont you think?". Anyway, say yes and you'll have a Good Rod.

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Q: Where to get the good rod in emerald?
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What rod you catch corsola in Pokemon emerald?

you use the good rod in a river or somewhere :/

How do you get an ultra rod on Pokemon emerald?

there's no ultra rod there's only a old rod,good rod, & super rod..veronica

Where do you find a good rod in pokemon emerald?

The Good Rod in Pokemon Emerald is found on Route 118. If the player uses Surf from Mauville City to cross Route 118, there is a fisherman on the other side of the water will hand over the Good Rod.

Were do you find the good rod in Pokemon emerald?

at rut 118

How do you sell a good rod in emerald?

you can't, its a key item

Where do you find a corpfish in emerald?

u use a good rod at the route left to mauvile and u use good rod

How do you get luvdisc in emerald?

You fish for it at Ever Grande city after getting either the good rod or the super rod.

Where do you get a barbaroach in Pokemon emerald?

go fishing in falador town with a good rod of super rod or surf.

What Pokemon can the good rod get in Pokemon emerald?

Pokemon you can get with the good rod are: TENTACOOL, MARILL, MAGIKARP, CHINCHOU ( under-water ) and CORPHISH.

What fisherman gives you the good rod in Pokemon emerald?

east of mauville

Where do you get corpish in emerald?

Use the good rod around dewford town.

Where to find a glass rod?

There is no glass rod in Pokémon Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire. The rods that are only available are Old Rod, Good Rod, and Super Rod.