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Shaymin was only introduced in the 4th generation games (diamond, pearl, and platinum) and cannot be found or traded to Pokemon emerald.

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Q: Where to get shaymin in Pokemon Emerald?
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What is Pokemon platmium?

a new Pokemon game like emerald and yellow you can get new Pokemon in it the comfirmed ones are shaymin: sky forme and giratina: origin forme

Pokemon Diamond how can you make shaymin evolve?

Shaymin does not evolve in Pokemon Diamond.

How do you get a shaymin in Pokemon peal?

you get shaymin in Pokemon pearl by a event comming soon.

How do you get shaymin in Pokemon sky?

Ive never heard of a Pokemon Sky. Don't you mean: "How do you get sky shaymin in Pokemon?" If so, then you must have a shaymin in your party in Pokemon Platinum. Then go to Flaroma Town and talk to a woman that isn't inside a house. She will give you a flower which can be used on shaymin only during the day to change the land shaymin to sky shaymin. ________ Pokemon SKy is the newest Pokemon Mystery Doengon game! to get a shaymin u will need to go to the shaymin village. that's all i know so far. sorry lol

Where is saymin on Pokemon explores of darkness?

Shaymin is not in this game, only Pokemon up to national dex number 490 is in this game and shaymin is number 491. BUT, it has been announced that shaymin is in the newly released game for the USA: Pokemon mystery dungeon: explorers of sky. Yes shaymin is in Pokemon sky. I have it and shaymin. You have to do the Mt. at shaymin village a 2nd time and at the top shaymin will ask to join your team

Where do you get shaymin in Pokemon indigo?

you can get a shaymin in the Mauville city gym

How do you evolve shaymin on Pokemon white?

Shaymin cannot evolve.

Who is Shaymin Sky Forme?

Shaymin's sky form is a form that the Pokemon character Shaymin can take.

Will you be able to get shaymin from Pokemon platinum?

Yes, you are able to obtain Shaymin.

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