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Q: Where to get red shard in Pokemon ash gray?
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What are the shards used in Pokemon pearl?

yellow shard and red shard and green shard

Pokemon soul silver how to get red shard?

You get the red shard from the red garados if you fail to catch it at the lakeof rage.

How do you get smash in Pokemon ash gray?

PokŽmon Ash Gray is a rom hack for PokŽmon Fire Red version. It is not possible to get rock smash in this version. Instead, you use a pickaxe.

What does the red shard do in Pokemon HeartGold?

The red shard can be given to the guy next to the Pokemon center for a cheri berry,a pecha berry and a leppa berry.

Where to get the red shard from in Pokemon Ruby?

Red shards are found underwater.

Where do you find shards in ruby?

Blue Shard- Route 124; Wild Pokemon. Green Shard- Route 126; Wild Relicanth. Red Shard- Route 124; Wild Pokemon. Yellow Shard- Route 126; Wild Pokemon.

Where to get the red shard in Pokemon sky-flora?

in the hippowdon temple

Is ash red Pokemon?

No ash and red are 2 different people.

Pokemon emerald where do you get red shard?

I found a red shard after using CUT on a few trees, it was lying around as an item. Was near Rustburo i think.

Where can you turn in red stones on Pokemon ruby?

There is a hunter west of Mossdeep city that will take special shards like the red shard trade your shard for a evolutionary stone so the red shard will give you a fire stone.

Is Red Ash in pokemon heartgold?

No, Pokémon HeartGold's Red is not Ash.

What are the different colored shards in Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver and what berries will the shard trader give you for each color?

Red Shard Blue Shard Yellow Shard Green Shard Violet City and Fuchsia City