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you first need to figure out the puzzle in one of the temples in the ruins of alpha. then you'll fall down a hole and this guy with blue hair will give you the unkown report and leave. then this white singn will say theres a odd precens her. run around and you'll run into unkown that know hidden power. bring a lot of ultra balls!

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Q: Where to get ancient power Pokemon HeartGold?
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Where can you get ancient power in Pokemon HeartGold?

Some Pokemon learn ancient power as they level up.

Where do you get the Ancient Power TM in Pokemon HeartGold?

You don't

How do you evolve tangela in Pokemon HeartGold?

Teach it Ancient Power and level it up to level 33.

Where do you get the fossil for manaphy in HeartGold?

Manaphy does not have a fossil, as it is not an ancient Pokemon.

How do you evolve piloswin to mamoswin in Pokemon HeartGold?

Your Piloswine must know the move Ancient Power while you level it up. It will then evolve into Mamoswine

How does pilowswine evolve on Pokemon HeartGold?

Go to a Move Master and get him to teach it ancient power. Then level it up one level. Signed, N1TR01D

Where do you get the TM ancient power in Pokemon soul silver?

There has never been a TM called Ancient Power in any pokemon game. The nearest equivelent is the move Silver Wind (which is TM62 in both 4th and 5th games.) This is a bug type move and has the same effect as Ancient Power.

Where to find an Electabuzz in Pokemon HeartGold?

in the power plant

Where is zapados in pokemon heartgold?

He is outside the power plant

What moves can unown get in Pokemon HeartGold?

hidden power

Can you get TM ancient power in Pokemon Crystal?

You cannot get the TM for Ancient Power in Pokemon Crystal. Ancient Power has yet to be a TM in any of the Pokemon games.

How do you get the power plant running in Pokemon heartgold?

You can't.You have to surf.