Where to get a black hippowdon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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in pokemon diamond you can get a black hippowdon only if you have a female hippopotas and you evolve it at level 34 because a male hippopotas is brown while the female is black

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Q: Where to get a black hippowdon?
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What is a black hippowdon?

A shiny hippowdon. [EDIT] Turns out it's not shiny. The female Hippowdons are black, while the males are tan. Shiny ones have a greenish tint.

Why is elite four bertha's hippowdon black intead of yellow?

Some Pokemon have different sprites due to their gender e.g. a female Pikachu has a heart tail whilst a male one has a straight edged one, this black Hippowdon is like this as it is female, the yellow Hippowdon you are referring to is a male.

What evolves into hippowdon?

Hippopatas is what evolves into hippowdon.

Where do you find hippowdon in platinum?

you can find hippowdon on route 228

What type of Pokemon is Hippowdon?

Hippowdon is a Ground type pokemon.

What Pokemon is in Hippowdon Temple guarding the Yellow Gem?

the gaurdian of the hippowdon temple is cresselia.

Where do you catch hippowdon in Pokemon platinum?

You catch Hippowdon at Route 228 where the sand is and you catch hipportas at route 224 in the ruin maniac cave which evolves to Hippowdon at lv34

What is the national pokedex number for Hippowdon?

Hippowdon is #450 in the national pokedex, and it is a Ground type Pokemon.

How do you get a hippodon on the Sinnoh pokedex?

Elite four Bertha has a Hippowdon. Just battle her and she'll send out a Hippowdon.

Where is hippowdon in heart gold?

There is no hippowdon in heart gold and soul silver for more info go to:

Where are the gigaremo units in the hippowdon temple?

There are no gigeremo units inside the hippowdon temple. Only in the Haruba village.

What is hippowdon weak against?

Hippowdon is a Ground-type Pokémon and is weak against Water, Grass and Ice.