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I know of one way for sure you can get him if you get enough watts on the Pokewalker i forget the area but if u look up Pokewalker locations and Pokemon you should find something on Google. -Hilgoking

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Q: Where to find wailmer in SoulSilver?
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How do you get a wailmer in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Super rod all over the place until you find a wailmer

How do you get wailmer in soulsilver with out using the pokewalker?

You can only get Wailmer from the PokeWalker or by trading with R/S/E/D/P/Pt.

How do you get wailmer in pokemon SoulSilver?

You'll have to migrate wailmer into soulsilver by using either ruby, sapphire, or emerald pokemon games. Step 1: Insert both soulsilver and your third gen pokemon games into a ds. Step 2: Start up soulsilver and choose the migrate pokemon from the opening screen. Step 3: Choose wailmer and 5 other pokemon to migrate. Step 4: Go to the pal park to receive your wailmer. (You'll need to have the national pokedex for this)It is Impossible to get walimer without the global trade center

What level does wailmer evolve in Pokemon SoulSilver?

I don't think Wailmer evolves in Soul Silver. I think you have to trade it from another game already evolved into Wailord. But I'm not sure.

Can you find wailmer in the grass in emerald?

No, Wailmer can only be found on water routes by fishing or surfing.

Where do you find wailmer in Pokemon Emerald?

You have to find it in the cave

Where can you find more information about wailmer?

Where you can find wailord?

get a wailmer level 40

Where do you find wailmer in Pokemon ruby version?

the easiest place to catch it is on mossdeep city and use a super rod in the water, you will ALWAYS find a wailmer this way

How do you find wailord in Pokemon pearl version?

find a wailmer then evolve it

How do you find wailmer in Pokemon diamond?

Go to the Fight area and run right. you will arrive at a shore, fish there with a super rod and u wil find a wailmer sooner or later

Where is wailmer located in Pokemon Emerald?

You can find Wailmer in the sea using the super rod in Sailport city, route 110, 127, 105 , Lilycove, Mossdeep, and elsewhere. These are the places I've found Wailmer.