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Unown is a very common Pokemon that can be found in Dilford Chamber, Liptoo Chamber, Monean Chamber, Rixy Chamber, Scufib Chamber, Viapolis Chamber, and Weepth Chamber.

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Q: Where to find unown in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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What Pokemon can you find in the ruins in Pokemon firered and leafgreen?

unown is it dums

What is the secret to the unown on Pokemon LeafGreen?

If you look carefully in the monean chamber and viapois chamber you can find a secret unown.

What Pokemon are in the chambers LeafGreen?

The chambers on seven island is that what you mean then you find unown. it looks like the alphabet and its really called unown.

Where is uknown located in Pokemon Sapphire?

you can't get unown unown on Pokemon sapphire unless you trade from firered/leafgreen.

What do you o in tabony ruins in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Tanoby Ruins is the main location for catching Unown in Pokemon LeafGreen. To get the Unown to appear in the ruins you need to complete the Tanoby Key puzzle.

What is the hidden secret in ruin 7 island in Pokemon leafgreen?

The secret is the Pokemon unown.

Is there a legendary Pokemon on seven island in Pokemon LeafGreen?

technically there is one it is unown it looks like the alphabet.

Where do you go after you complete the ruins puzzle in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go into the tanoby chambers to catch the Pokemon unown.

What is in weepeth chamber in LeafGreen?

there are only the pokemon "unown" which is said to be a mystical pokemon, no legendary pokemon in all the chamber of tanoby.

Do the unkowns come out on there own in weepth chamber in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No, but the unowns canappear in the chamber by running around in it by this rate: unown E:2% unown I:8% unown N:60% unown S:30%

In Pokemon were can you get the Pokemon unown?

You can find unown in solaceon ruins (cave in solaceon town ). There are many different unown forms in there, but i guess you will find what ur looking for ! : - ))

What does tanoby key do in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Answer:it unlocks the Unown in the Tanoby Ruins farther south.