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In your house

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Q: Where to find the remains of Dennis Philips in sims2?
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Where do you find the remains of Dennis Philips in sims2 on psp?

Location: Near the pool of one of the other sim's houses Requirments: Level 1

Where to find the sims2 on ntendow ds?

You can fin Sims2 in basic retal stores. You can find them anywhere where you can find games. It mite not be there right away. Keep checking!

Where do you go to find the ocean in sims2?

If you have Bon Voyage

Where do you find softwood on sims2 castaway ps2?

you can find it on the first island in the deep jungle

How do you find bamboo sims2 castaway?

There is lots in the Jungles.

Where can you find banana leaves on sims2 castaway?

You can find them on the first beach in the deep jungle

Where will you find Dennis the menace?

You'll find him on The Beano or on the TV Series Dennis the Menace.

Where can you find all of the hierographics for sims2 castaway wii game?

you can find them in all different places on different islands

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How do you get different clothing in sims2?

i dunno but i think there is a way just click on different websites-hope ya find da answer