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Pokemon diamond to find the TM thief go to Eterna City, go to the team galactic building cut down one of the trees go to the right (your right) go over to the side where that other tree that can be cut down, cut it down and walk as far as you can and you'll find a pokeball thing press A and you will then have thief on diamond version

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Q: Where to find the TM thief in diamond?
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Where to find TM thief in Pokemon soulsilver?

You can find TM Thief in Mahogany Town in the Rocket Hideout

Where can you find the TM thief in hgss?

in poo city is an team larf that would give you the tm thief

TM Sleep in Pokemon diamond?

There is no Tm sleep in diamond, there is a sleep talk, which you can find in eterna forest.

Where you can get thief on Pokemon sapphire?

You can find TM Thief in the Oceanic Museum in Slateport City. There should be a Team Aqua member standing inside the museum. Talk to him and he will give you TM Thief.

What Pokemon learn thief in Pokemon Diamond?

Keckleon Mightyena and oall the pokemon learn using a TM.

Where to find twister TM in Pokemon diamond?

there is n no tm twister, but you can find the move on a gyarados

Where do you get the TM sunnyday on Pokemon diamond?

You can find the TM sunnyday on route 212.

Where can you find the TM dragonfury in diamond?

there is no TM called dragonfury there will probably never be one

In Pokemon ruby what Pokemon know thief?

I think you cant catch a Pokemon that learns thief, without the use of the TM. Alot of Pokemon can learn Thief through TM, but i don't know where to find the TM in the games. I did, but i fogort, sorry. Maybe check bulbapedia?

Can you buy the TM thief?

yes, because in some shops they sell the TM thief

Pokemon Diamond TM's?

You can buy some or find them.

Where do you find a dragon scale in Diamond?

You will need TM Thief. First, go to route 226 and fish there with the super rod. You will find a bunch of seadra there. there is a small chance of finding a dragon scale with seadra. keep on trying and you will find it!