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the director will give u after giving the missing generator part to the manager . he will be in the radio tower of levender town

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Q: Where to find the EXPN card in Pokemon crystal version?
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How do you get the expn card in Pokemon Crystal?

Go to the radio tower in lavender town then talk to the man in the hat and he will give you the expn card

Where is the expn card in Pokemon Crystal?

lavender town radio tower

How can you get the pokeflute in crystal version?

In Pokemon Crystal, there is no pokeflute. Once you get the EXPN Card from a guy in radio tower, you have the music channel. Play the pokeflute music next to Snorlax and he will wake up.

Where do you get an expn card in Pokemon Crystal?

AnswerThe Expn card can be obtained by going to the Lavender Town Radio Tower in Kanto. By talking to the Tower's Director, you will be given the card which allows you access to the Kanto radio stations.

Pokemon soul silver how to use EXPN Card?

You go on the Pokegear and go all the way to the top of the radio and that's the EXPN card (EXPN card is the poke flute)

How do you use the EXPN card in pokemon soulsilver?

The expn card automatically attaches to your radio now you can tune into kanto radio!

What level in the radio tower is the expn card on in Pokemon silver?

The EXPN card is on the first floor of the radio tower in Goldenrod city.

How do you get the expn card on Pokemon Silver?

talk to guy in radio tower

How to get an EXPN card on Pokemon Gold for gbc?

I have been playing my game boy color for a long time trying to find out were to get the EXPN card to activate my radio on Pokemon gold for Game boy color.

Pokemon Silver what happens to the pokegear after you get the expn card?

In Pokemon silver after you get the expn card you will get a Pokemon flute melody on the last line of your radio which you can use to awaken the sleeping snorlax blocking the way to the cave that leads to Pewter city

How do you use your EXPN card in Pokemon Soulsilver?

Go to lavender town and go in the radio station. Then there is a man facing the wall so talk to him and he will give you the EXPN card.

What is pokeflaut in Pokemon SoulSilver?