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Disc or manual :)

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Q: Where to find registration code for Sims 2 apartment life?
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What do I do - in sims 3 the registration code box keeps popping up?

type the registration code in.. you can find it on the back of the booklet if you bought the disk.

Where can you find the registration code for sims 3?

When You buy it On the Back On the Lil Book YOu Get With it inside The Case YOu Will See The Code , On The Back Of The Book

What is the registration code for the sims pet stories on PC?

every disk has a different code, if you lost yours then go to their website and you can find out how to contact customer support.

How do you find sims 3 registration codes?

Well, you could google it: sims 3 registration codes or something in that nature. That's what I do for Nintendogs game codes.

I have bought the sims 3 but lost my registration code. Does anyone know what I should do to find one.?

You should probably ask the store you bought it from whether they will exchange it for you

How do you delete the Sims 2 apartment life of your PC?

Go to your control panel and find Sims 2 Apartment Life and click install it..... then you just follow through....

Can't find my Sims 3 Ambitions game have code download?

i cant find sims 3 ambitions code in my dvd..what is it sims 3 smbitions code?

Help me find a new Sims 2 University code?

google "sims 2 university code"

What is the insaniquarium deluxe registration code?

You can find one in a cheat code book.

Code for Sims 3 for a laptop?

The only code I can think of is the serial code for the sims 3. To be able to find it, it should be on the back of the booklet in the sims 3 game case.

The PC code for sims 2?

if you lost your code then you can go to the sims website and find out how to contact technical support to help you get a new code.

Where will you find a shop which has sims 2 apartment life in India?

you wont.... but if you find it the prices will be too high go on ebay!