Where to find helmet fossil?

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underground in pearl...

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2008-10-30 00:34:42
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Q: Where to find helmet fossil?
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Where do you find the skull fosil on Pokemon platinum?

go to the underground and keep digging until you find a skull fossil i found a helmet fossil in 5 secs i just was digging when i saw a wall i thought there was a heart scale there but i found a helmet fossil.

What does Helmet Fossil turn into?


What comes from a helmet fossil in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Cranidos, which evolves into rampardos. (The Pokemon with the highest attack in the game, besides deoxys, if trained right) EDITED Do not listen to this guy. Cranidos comes from skull fossil. ya? then what comes from a Helmet Fossil? EDITED There is not a helmet fossil. I got every fossil in that game. There is a shield fossil (extremely rare)

Where is the helmet fossil in Pokemon diamond?

Underground. You must have nation dex (but it does not have to be completed)

What is the helmet fossil?

That's easy, it's the Skull Fossil, which then seems to evolve into Cranidos. Which is 10x better than Shieldon. (STATS)

What is fossil fuel colliery helmet light black lung daughter?

Coal Miner

In fossil fighters where can you find a dropping fossil?

a dropping fossil is in a dark fossil rock you can find it anywhere

What is the helmet fossil in Pokemon?

well theres at least two fossil Pokemon in each generation and sinnohs are rampardos and bastiodon so out of the fossil will be one of those oreburgh city museum will help

What fossils turn into what Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

okay the root fossil is lileep. The claw fossil is anorith. The helix fossil is omanyte. The dome fossil is kabuto. The old amber fossil is aerodactyl. The helmet fossil is shieldon. The shield fossil is cranidos. Good luck finding the fossils. no cranidos is skull fossil and you can only get shieldon in pearl and sheildon is the armor fossil

Where do you find pahaxion?

You can only find the fossil, not Pahaxion. The fossil is on Darkmos.

What is the helmet fossil in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

cranidos talk to a scientist in ore burg and he will give you one

Where to find fossil chips in fossil fighters?

you buy it at the fossil guild

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