Where to find happiny in pearl?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can get a Happiny egg by going to Hearthome City and going all the way to the bottom then all the way to the riqht and talk to the fat guy and he gives you the egg have an open spot for it though.

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Q: Where to find happiny in pearl?
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Where do you see a happiny on Pokemon platinum?

You find it in the Pokemon mansion. I'm not to sure but that is the place to find Happiny in diamond and pearl.

Where is the hiker that will give you happiny?

The hiker (in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum) to find a Happiny will be on Route 210, South Pokemon with Breeder Kahlil.

How do you get happiny on Pokemon sapphire?

Happiny is a Pokemon from the newest generation, Diamond; Pearl; Platinum. So you cant get happiny in Sapphire

How do you get happiny in Pokemon pearl?

talk to hiker in harthome he will give you an egg hatch it and its a happiny

What Pokemon is in the egg in pearl?

happiny and riolu

Who in Pokemon platinum has a happiny.?

Cynthia Has A Happiny Go And Talk To Her?? wrong. Cynthia gives you a happiny egg in pearl and diamond. in platinum, it is togepi

Where is an oval stone in Pokemon pearl?

there is a fifty percent chance of a happiny holding it when u find it in the wild - it is in trophy garden, and also u can hatch happiny from an egg found in hearthome

Can you get a Happiny in Pokémon FireRed?

No. Happiny debuted in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, and is unavailable in any games produced before then.

Who is the guy in Pokemon platinum on route 210 that has a happiny?

no man gives you a happiny platinum only in diamond and Pearl

Where can you catch happiny on pearl?

I got Happiny in the town where you get moo moo milk. Its in the grass at the front, near the spiritomb tower.

When does happiny evolve in Pokemon Pearl?

you have to give it something and then level it up and it will evolve in Pokemon pearl

What does oval stone evolve in Pokemon pearl?

happiny into chansey