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Once you have the national pokedex go to the Pokemon mansion and save in front of mr backlot then talk to him until he tells you there was a ditto in the trophy garden and use the pokerader (you HAVE to have the national pokedex)

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Q: Where to find ditto in Pokemon platinum?
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How do you get your Pokemon to breed on Pokemon Platinum?

find a ditto. it can breed with any gender of kind of Pokemon except legendary.

Is there Ditto on route 218 in platinum?

no,ditto is not in route 218 in Pokemon platinum it is in the trophy garden

Where do you find a Ditto in Pokemon Platinum?

You dont You have to migrate from Fire Red or Leaf Green

What is the Pokemon platinum code for a Ditto?


Wear can you find Ditto in Pokemon Platinum?

use the poke radar on route 218 (rare)

How do you find Ditto without a poke radar?

At the trophy garden, rarely. it's in Pokemon platinum.

Where can you get a Ditto before you get the national dex in Pokemon Platinum?

The Trophy Garden is the only place to get Ditto in Pokemon Platinum, without trading or cheating of course.

When did you get Ditto in Pokemon platinum?

U can get ditto on the mansion, talk to the owner of the mansion everyday and he will add a new Pokemon one of them is ditto

Where do you find information on phione in Pokemon platinum?

info on manaphy in Pokemon mansion. trade for manaphy, and breed with ditto. you get a phione

How do you find a Ditto on Pokemon Platinum?

Ditto only appears at the Trophy Garden on certain days. You can catch other rare Pokemon there on other days. Hope this helped! =) (Even on the right day Ditto is rare.)

Where can one find Ditto in pokemon platinum?

after getting the national dex go to the Pokemon mansion and talk to mr. backlot. he will say he saw a Pokemon in his garden if he says ditto then go look on the garden

Where to find the egg of manaphy in Pokemon platinum?

you have to do the mission in Pokemon rangers(manaphy egg mission)and trade it to your platinum you can get phione by breeding manaphy with ditto at the day care.(its not fair to have 2 games for just a Pokemon in platinum)