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You can't catch in in Leaf Green.

You must trade Growlithe from Fire Red and Evolve it with Fire Stone to get Arcanine.

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Q: Where to find arcanine in leaf green?
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How do you get arcanine on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Arcanine is the evolved form of Growlithe. Neither of them can be caught in the wild on Leaf Green. Growlithe is a Pokemon Fire Red exclusive pokemon. To be able to evolve it, give it a Fire Stone and then trade it to your Leaf Green game.

Can a Arcanine be found on green leaf version?

I don't think so but it might soo yahhh....

What Pokemon evolve with a fire stone on leaf green?

Eevee into Flareon, Growlithe (Firered) into Arcanine and Vulpix into Ninetails

What Pokemon can you not find in Pokemon LeafGreen?

in leaf green you cant find ekans, arbok, oddish, gloom, vileplume, psyduck, golduck, growlithe, arcanine, shellder, cloyster, scyther, and electobuzz but you can trade them from fire red.

How can you get all the Pokemon with out trading on Pokemon LeafGreen?

game shark or action replay you can't get certain Pokemon in leaf green like growlithe or arcanine

Where do you find mew on leaf green?

You can't. Mew is not found on leaf green.

How do you find Blastoise in Pokemon diamond?

you have to migrate them on Fire red or Leaf green you have to migrate them on Fire red or Leaf green you have to migrate them on Fire red or Leaf green

Where to find arcanine in Pokemon diamond?

no such thing as a wild arcanine, so you will have to migate.

Where do you find fire Pokemon in Pokemon leaf green?

you can find them in MT.Ember

How do you find 8 island in green leaf?


Were is twinleaf town in Pokemon leaf-green?

You cant find Twinleaf town in leaf green. Its is only in Sinnoh! (In pearl and diamond)

How do you play Light as a feather stiff as a board green as a leaf?

I never heard of it so find a better game then green as leaf