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hey ime a really big Pokemon fan

u find cacnea in the desert after u get the googles from the 4th gym u can also get trapinch and baltoy there

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Q: Where to find a cacnea on Pokemon emerald?
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Where do you get caturn Pokemon Emerald?

in the sandstorm. You'll only find cacnea, so you have to make it evolve

Can you only get a cacnea in Pokemon emerald?

Yes in the deseart

Can you find cacnea on Pokemon Diamond?

No, you can only find it on Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald unless you trade it onto Diamond.

Where do you catch cacnea in Pokemon emerald?

in route 111 in the dessert

How do you catch cacnea in Pokemon emerald?

run through the desert for a while until you run into one

Where do you get a Cacnea in Emerald?

you can find in the Route 111 Desert You will have a 5% chance of encountering it.

What type of Pokemon is Cacnea?

Cacnea is a Grass type pokemon.

Where are the Cacturne located for Pokemon Emerald?

You can't catch wild Cacturne in Pokemon Emerald. However, you can catch its pre-evolved form, Cacnea, in the desert of Route 111. Then raise your Cacnea to Level 32 and it will evolve into Cacturne.

Where is groudan in Pokemon Emerald?

where can i find groudan in Pokemon emerald

How do you get a cacnea in Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot get Cacnea in PKMN Firered because Firered is in Kanto and Cacnea makes its first appereance in Hoenn

What do you find in the dessert in Pokemon Sapphire?

You can find many pokemon. You can find baltoy which evolves into claydol(very good pokemon) also you may find sandshrew and cacnea which is also a good pokemon when it evolves into cacturn

Where can you find a miststone in Pokemon emerald?

there is no mist stone in Pokemon emerald