Where to find Cynthia on pearl?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In the league.

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Q: Where to find Cynthia on pearl?
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Where do you find Cynthia on Pokemon pearl DS?

of course the Pokemon league

How do you find Cynthia in Pokemon HeartGold?

Cynthia is not the champion in the johto region in Pokemon heartgold,you can't find her in it, but she is the champion in Pokemon pearl,diamond, and platinum versin and that is the sinnoh region.

Where is Cynthia and how do you get to her in pearl?

she is in the pokemon league

Where do you get the secret potion in Pearl?

from Cynthia

Where can you find the medicine to get the syducks to move in Pokemon pearl?

I think you can get it off cynthia, or she tells you where you can buy it or something like that.

Where is Cynthia on pearl?

Past the elite four.

How do you find Dialga in pearl?

Without trading or cheating, you can't. But after you beat the elite four, go talk to Cynthia's grandmother and she will show you Palkia (diamond) or dialga (pearl) for your pokedex.

Where would you find dialiga in Pokemon Pearl?

You can find a picture of Dialga in Pokemon Pearl by going up to Cynthia's grandmother's house and talking to her grandmother. If that doesn't work, look in the book that's on their big table.

Who is last person of elite four in pearl?


What is Cynthia's last name in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and Platinum?

Her full name is Cynthia Roran Kale

What town is Cynthia in when you get the secret potion in Pokemon pearl?

Cynthia is the Champion so you will see her when you beat the Elite Four

Where is surf in pearl?

In Celestic Town. Cynthia's Grandmother will give it to you