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In FireRed, you can catch Spearow at these locations:

Routes 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 22, and 23, Treasure Beach, Mt. Ember, Cape Brink, Ruin Valley, Water Path, and Canyon Entrance.

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Q: Where to catch spearow in Pokemon FireRed?
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What level do you need to evolve Spearow in Pokemon firered?

SPEAROW Evolves at LVL 20.

What Pokemon can you catch in trees?

Crystal Spearow Exeggcute

Where to catch spearow in Pokemon LeafGreen?

in the bush next to viridian city

How do you catch Pokemon FireRed on PC?

To get Pokemon firered on PC download a vba and Pokemon firered ROM

How do you catch a Ho-oh on Pokemon FireRed?

You can catch a Ho-Oh at Navel Rock in Pokemon FireRed.

Where do you can catch best fire Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

You can catch Moltres at Mt. Ember Peak in FireRed.

When does spearow learn wing attack?

In Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen Spearow is not able to learn the move Wing Attack. Spearow does however learn Ariel Ace at level 25 and Drill Peck at level 37.

Can you catch Celebi in Pokemon FireRed?

you can not catch him

How do you catch HM 8 on Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot get it in Pokemon FireRed. It doesn't matter because it is not necessary in Pokemon FireRed.

How do you catch ludvis in Pokemon FireRed?

you can't catch any hoenn Pokemon in firered or leafgreen you must trade hoenn Pokemon from ruby or sapphire or emerald to leafgreen or firered.

Where do you catch regigegas on Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot catch it on Pokemon firered only on diamond pearl and thhe new one Pokemon platinum

How do you get farfechd in Pokemon Ruby?

you'll have to trade with firered or leafgreen in order to get it. In firered and leafgreen, to get Farfetch'd you have to trade a Spearow to a girl in Vermilion City. Hope this helps!!!