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You can't. The legendary dogs didn't exist at the time yellow was released. Sorry.

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Q: Where to catch legendary dog in Pokemon Yellow?
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Can you get the three legendary dog Pokemon in Pokemon Yellow?

No. They were made after Pokemon Yellow.

What is the rare Pokemon that you have to catch after Mewtwo?

entai- legendary dog Pokemon

Can you catch the three legendary dog in Pokemon heartgold?

yes you can also catch them in soul silver.

What is a Ho-oh?

it is one of the legendary Pokemon on Pokemon silver or gold it is required to catch the legendary dog Pokemon i think suicune entei and raikou are their names hope that helps some

What do you do when you get all 16 gym badges in Pokemon soul silver?

One of the last things to do is battle Red at Mt. Silver. You can also try to catch the legendary bird Pokemon throughout Kanto. You could also catch the legendary dog Pokemon throughout Johto and Kanto.

Who is the best legendary dog Pokemon?

suicune is top legendary dog just play Pokemon crystal and you'll see.

What legendary dog will you catch if you have a Charizard?


Legendary dog Pokemon?


Can you catch more than one dog legendary Pokemon in firered?

Yeah but i dont know how 2 get'em plus there lions.

In Pokemon FireRed what legendary Pokemon can you catch?

Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Mewtwo, Lugia and Ho-oh (by event), Raikou/Suicune/Entei, Deoxys (by event).

What if your starter was a Pikachu do you get a legendary dog?

of coure you can, nothings changed but you can only get pikachu as a starter on Pokemon yellow .it will follow you around .cool!☺

What is the shiny dog legendary Pokemon in Pokemon White?