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you can catch beldum at route 228 with poke'radar

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Q: Where to catch beldum in Pokemon pearl?
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Where do you catch the Pokemon beldum in pearl?

if you wanna catch beldum it a mass outbreak on route 228

How do you catch Beldum in Pokemon Pearl?

Beldum are in various locations in Pokémon Pearl and found during random daily events. If you go to Dawn or Lucas' house, his/her sister will say which location Beldum currently are for the random event.

How do you get beldum in Pokemon xd?

you use a pokeball in Pokemon dimand and pearl you can not get beldum only in Pokemon emerald you have to beat the elite four go to wallys house in mousdeep there will be a poke ball click on it and you have a beldum to get beldum in fire red and leaf green trade it in Pokemon ruby and Sapphire can get beldum too what are you talking about,you CAN catch beldum in diamond and have to get the national pokedex and talk to your rivals sister in her house and you can catch it in a swarm Unfortunatly, it shares the " hardest to catch Pokemon" award with Skarmory"-thy both have 2.98 percent catch rates. Arceus is easyer to catch.

Were to catch a metoragross on Pokemon pearl?

You Can't. You can catch a Beldum in a swarm after you beat the league or migrate it but there are no other ways to get it other than that without cheating.

What Pokemon can you catch but can't catch?

Pokemon like Anorith, Lileep, Beldum, those kind.

Where can you catch beldum in Pokemon deluge?

check in the pokedex

How do you catch beldum in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Steven Stone will give you a Beldum in exchange for a Forretress.

How do you get a beldum egg in Pokemon pearl?

Just breed a Beldum, Metang or Metagross with a Ditto in the daycare, or with one of the pokemon in the Mineral egg group.

How do you catch Beldum in Pokemon emerald?

You get Beldum for free, from Steven after you finish the Pokemon League, go to Stevens house and the ball will be on the table.

How do you catch Beldum in Pokemon HeartGold?

You cannot catch Beldum in Pokemon HeartGold. However, you can trade for it. After you have gone to Silph Co. and met Steven to get your Hoenn starter Pokemon, you can go back after a little bit to find him again, and he will give you a Beldum if you trade him a Forretress.

Where can you catch Metang in Pokemon Diamond?

You cannot catch a Metang in Pokemon Diamond. To get one, you can evolve a Beldum.

Where can you catch a beldum in Pokemon ruby?