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you catch near the start of the game.

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Q: Where to catch a shinx on Pokemon diamond?
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What are the best Pokemon to catch for Pokemon Diamond?

starly and shinx their evos are really great....

Where to find luxio in Pokemon diamond ds?

You cannot catch him from the wild. He just evolves from a Shinx.

What is the first Pokemon to catch on Pokemon Diamond?

i would catch shinx or i would catch the opposite type of your rivals starter/ I Would catch a starly (die hard metallica fan)

Can you catch shinx in Pokemon black?

No, Shinx is exclusive to pokemon white and is found in the white forrest. You can trade though with someone who has caught Shinx in pokemon white

How do you get Shinx to cut in Pokemon diamond Nintendo DS Game?

Shinx cannot learn the attack Cut. If you need a Pokemon to Cut things with, simply catch a Bidoof. They are very common and can also learn Rock Smash.

Does shinx evolve in Pokemon Diamond?

Yes, Shinx does evolve in Pokemon Diamond. It evolves at level 15 into Luxio, and then Luxio evolves at level 30 into Luxray, which is amazin man.

Can you find Shinx in Emerald?

No, Shinx was created for Pokemon pearl, diamond, and platinum. It doesnt exist in emerald.

What level does shinx evolve at in Pokemon diamond?


How do you get golden Pokemon on diamond?

I think you can only try to catch them or use an action replay.I recently caught a golden shinx by just walking in tall grass.

What is the eassiest Pokemon to catch in Pokemon dp?

i would say starly, bidoof or shinx

When does shinx evolve on Pokemon Diamond?

Shinx evolves into a Luxio at level 15,Then Luxio evolves into Luxray at level 30 :)15

How do you catch a shinx in Pokemon HeartGold?

On Thursday's use dj Ben radio