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When renovating a kitchen one must first work out exactly what they want from a new kitchen and how much they can afford to spent. One needs to select the new kitchen they want and organize tradesmen to first take out the old one and then fit the new one.

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Q: Where should one start with kitchen renovations?
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Where can I find a contractor to do kitchen renovations in Naples, Florida?

One of the better know kitchen renovators located in Naples, Florida is Renovations Plus, 239-593-6200 However, there are other companies in the area that serve Naples, Fort Meyers and Bonita. Several are Kitchen Cabinets Naples, 239-513-0089, and Naples Kitchen & Bath, 239-593-4848, All three companies have good reviews. The best source of references comes from friends, family and neighbors who have used the services of a particular contractor. You can ask around or look in the phone book under "builders" or "kitchen designers." A kitchen design company can no doubt give you the names of several individual who specialize in kitchen renovations. One of the kitchen companies in naples is Ideal Kitchen

What is the typical return on investment for kitchen renovations?

Generally, renovating certain rooms and features on an old home can help bring its value up a fair amount. However, the returns that one can get on an investment differ depending on the work that is done. For example, kitchen renovations tend to only bring in roughly 65-70% of the initial investment's value.

What are some great kitchen ideas?

There are many great kitchen ideas. One should try to match everything in the kitchen because it looks awesome when everything is the same color in one kitchen.

What is the average age for someone to start smoking?

there isn't one, no one should start :) there isn't one, no one should start :) there isn't one, no one should start :)

Kitchen faucets that start with the letter m?

One brand name for faucets is Moen.

I have a kitchen with a lot of dark wood trim. Should I get a wood Baker's Rack or a metal one?

You should get a metal one.

Where can a person views images for ideas for a rustic kitchen?

There are plenty of places in order for one to views images for ideas for a rustic kitchen. However, it is recommended that one should check out from the main website of Rustic Kitchen.

Where can one apply for a loan for home renovations?

One may apply for a loan for home renovations through their local banks. These include banks such as Scotia Bank, TD Canada Trust, Royal Bank or Bank Of Montreal.

How does one choose a contractor when doing renovations?

Need to get referrals.

Who should one consult about the kitchen design portion of a remodeling project?

One should consult a design professional for the design portion of a kitchen remodeling project. Generally, a design professional is an architect who specializes in interior design.

Where can one purchase ceramic tile for renovations?

Looking for the site of Ebay and Amazon would be a great start to find out some ceramic tiles. You can also take a look on the site homerenovation for more tips.

Should I spend a lot of money on kitchen cabinets?

Cabinets are an important part of a kitchen. they are one of the pieces that are most noticed when entering upon the kitchen. It is a good thing to spent your money on.