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the map is just above the treasure chest on the right side of your room, page, screen thingy

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Q: Where is your map on moshi monsters?
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How do you get the map of moshi monsters on moshi monsters?

There should be a link to the map of Moshi Monsters in your room on the right side.If you are asking about the poster:Moshling Collector Chart (Poster): the code is: allmoshlings

How do you get to Mushroom Land on Moshi Monsters?

Mushroom Land is an area on the Moshi Monsters map that you can not go to.

Where do you get moshi monster stuff?

From various shops on the Moshi Monsters Map.

Where is the dressing room on Moshi Monsters?

Go to the map of moshi monsters and it is right next to your house.Above your garden

How do you get to jollywood on Moshi Monsters?

it is on the map but you can't go to it

How do you get to the funfair at Moshi Monsters?

you just click on it on the map

Where do you get the eggs for your room on moshi monsters?

You can get them from shops on the map.

Where is the moshling garden on Moshi Monsters?

Yes there is a Moshling Garden on Moshi Monsters! Go onto the map and it is below your house.

What is the secret code on moshi monsters for the map?

Monstro City Map: monstrocity1

How do you get to on the map on moshi monsters?

click on the map icon on top of the storage box

On Moshi Monsters how do you put stuff on your moshi?

Go to the Dress-Up Room on the Map!

Where is the changing room for Moshi Monsters?

it is on top of the garden on the map