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in the great marsh

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Q: Where is wooper on Pokemon platinum?
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What is pokedex number 117 in pokemon platinum?


Which Pokemon is number 117 in pokedex in platinum?


Where is wooper in Pokemon platinum?

in the great marsh at pastoria city

Are wooper and quagsire compatible breeding partners on Pokemon Platinum?

Yes, Wooper and its evolution of Quagsire are compatible for breeding purposes in Pokémon Platinum.

What Pokemon do you get in pastoria's great marsh in platinum?

Wooper Quagsire anything realy

Where to find a wooper in Pokemon platinum?

Wanna know where the Pokemon wooper in platinum is. It is in the Great Marsh in Pastoria City.(Where you fight Crasher Wake in the gym) Look around in the Marsh a bit. Remember: each day it will be random.

Where to find wooper platinum?

You can find Wooper in the Great Marsh in Pastoria City.

What type of Pokemon is Wooper?

Wooper is a Water and Ground type pokemon.

Where can you catch Wooper with a good rod in Pokemon Platinum?

I'm not sure if it's possible to catch Wooper with a good rod, but you can find it in the tall grass in the Great Marsh, which is located in Pastoria City.

When do Wooper transformed Pokemon cristal?

Wooper doesn't evolve in Pokemon crystal because quagsire(the Pokemon wooper evolves into)wasn't made yet then. Hope this helped!

Where do you catch wooper in Pokemon platinum?

It's very simple; you just go to the great marsh in patoria city (Crasher Wake)

Which trainer has a wooper in Pokemon platinum?

A trainer in Route 212 has it, but it can also be caught in the great marsh located in pastoria city =D