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its under cycling road
Go to Eterna city Then go to the bike road and go down to the bottom on the road and go into then go out the other side and cut down the trees on the right keep going down till you reach the end and under the bridge you should go and feel your way along the wall and then you should move forward then that's were it is but you should have a lot of max repels because it took me for ever to get out.

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Q: Where is wayward cave in Pokemon Diamond?
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Meria on Pokemon Diamond?

She is in wayward cave.

Where is gabite in Pokemon diamond?

wayward cave

Where is the emerald in wayward cave in Pokemon diamond?

There is no emerald in the Wayward Cave on T.M 26 which is Earthquake

Where do you get a male Gible on Pokemon Diamond?

in wayward cave

Is wayward cave endless in Pokemon diamond?

No it's not

Where in the cave do you have to go to get gible in Pokemon diamond?

Gible are all over in Wayward Cave.

Where do you look to find dragon Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

Go to the wayward cave and you will find a gible

Who is miru in Pokemon diamond?

a girl at the end of wayward cave under cycling road

How do you get gilble on Pokemon diamond?

You can get Gible on Pokemon Diamond in the Wayward Cave hidden under Cycling Road in Route 206. You will need the HM move Strength to access the cave.

What is cave of doubt on Pokemon Diamond?

The Cave of Doubt is also known as Wayward Cave. It is hidden under the bikepath on Rte. 206 in Pokémon Diamond.

In Pokemon diamond how can you find a Gible?

It is in the wild in Wayward Cave B1F with a 15% encounter rate.

Where to get a gabite or Garchomp on Pokemon diamond ds?

at wayward cave under the bridge then turn left.