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it is at the top of radio tower at those houses

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Q: Where is the warehouse in Goldenrod City?
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Where is the underground warehouse Pokemon Crystal?

The warehouse is in Goldenrod City, it is a small building NW of the city.

How do you get through the door in the warehouse in goldenrod city?

you have to get a key

Where is the team rocket warehouse in goldenrod city in Pokemon soul silver?

radio tower

Where is the silver wing on Pokemon Silver?

After beating team rocket at there warehouse and the radio tower at goldenrod city the director of the radio tower in goldenrod city will give the silver wing to you.

Where is the underground warehouse in HeartGold?

The bf in the department store and in the underground hall thingy in goldenrod city

Where is the underground warehouse in soul silver?

It shoud be B1 in the goldenrod city's department store. You'll have to use the elevator.

Where do you find the underground warehouse in Pokemon Crystal?

first,go to under ground at goldenrod city and straight rigt.

Where is the under ground warehouse in goldenrod city in Pokemon soul silver?

after obtaining the warehouse key take the elevator in goldenrod department store down to B1 floor. many pretty useful items like revives and evolution stones. simples!

How do you beat team rocket at the warehouse in goldenrod?

In the warehouse in goldenrod (make sure you have beaten the radio tower, and have the basement key) go to 3F of the radio tower and open the shutters then battle to beat them

Where is goldenrod tunnel?

In Goldenrod city

Where is Goldenrod City in Silver?

Goldenrod City is North of route 34.

Wheere is bill after you bump into him in goldenrod city?

He is still in Goldenrod city