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The Seafloor Cavern is in route 128, south of Mossdeep City. You need to use dive to access it.

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Q: Where is the underwater cavern that Archie awakens kyogre in Pokemon sapphire?
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Where do you find Kyogre and Archie at in Pokemon sapphire?

Underwater cavern.

Where will I find Archie after Lilycove City in Pokemon Sapphire?

you will find him underwater in a cave

Where does Archie go after he steals the submarine in pokemon sapphire?

he goes to his underwater hideout cave.

Where can you fight Archie in Pokemon emerald?

You can fight Archie before he awakens kyoger

Where is Archie in Pokemon sapphire?

He is at Mount Pyre

Where to catch kyroge on Pokemon sapphire?

Go to sotopollis and then to the cave of origin(this can b only done after beating Archie in the underwater cave where u found the submariene.)

Where is The Cave Of Origin in Pokemon sapphire version?

You can get in after you beat Archie at the route 128 cavern.

Where do You find Archie in Pokemon sapphire?

Through the magic of the final axe of the Egyptian Pokemon

What city is the underwater cave at where Archie is hiding in Pokemon sapphire?

go to mossdeep city. after use surf and go until the water is deep. use dive then swim until you see a hole in a wall and go in

Where do you find Archie in Pokemon Sapphire the 3rd time?

Seafloor Cavern, just before you hit Route 129.

How do you beat Archie in sapphire?

Archie is ez if you have grass types or electric types.

Where is the TM earthquake in Pokemon Sapphire?

It is in the cave where Archie of Team Aqua tries to capture Kyogre. Alas you need HM Dive to get there.