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When you get to Cherrygrove City for the first time the old man will give the running shoes to you after you run around with him. He'll also give you the map card when u try to leave cherry grove city.

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Q: Where is the town map in Pokemon HeartGold?
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Why can't I see the full map in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

your map gets extended twice: when you go across from New Bark town towards the Pokemon League and when you get off the SS Aqua

How do you get to olive town in Pokemon HeartGold?

just head west of ectuteck

How do you get to the Hoenn region in Pokemon heartgold?

Look on your map.

Where in Pokemon HeartGold is MrKurt?

Azalea Town

Map of kanyo region in Pokemon heartgold?

as you stroll along you gain more of the map=]

Where to get the map on Pokemon HeartGold?

speak to the man with the running shoes

How do you get to the 2 gym in Pokemon HeartGold?

its in azalea town

How do you get to PRYCE in pokemon heartgold?

hes in magondy town

Where is the seventh gym in Pokemon HeartGold?

mahogany town

How do you get rock climeb in Pokemon HeartGold?

Pallet town

Where is pro. elm in Pokemon HeartGold?

newbark town

Where can you find Kurt at Pokemon HeartGold?

Azalea Town.