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you take the survial tips and put it over the log in the cave.

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Q: Where is the tinder in g's secret mission?
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Where are all of the tinder from gs mission off of club penguin?

you use the survival book as tinder

Where is tinder in club penguin mission G's secret mission?

The SURVIVAL GUIDE is the tinder!

Where do you get the tinderin gs secret mission?

The tinder is the survival guide itself. You have to tear it off and put it on the wood. Tip - Make sure you don't need the survival guide anymore.

What is the answer in gs secret mission?


What is gs riddle on gs secret mission on club penguin?


Where is the pan at gs secret mission?

in a tree

What is the code on the gs secret mission?


Where are the rocks in gs secret mission?

In the shelter.

Where are the rocks on gs secret mission?

in the cave

What is the answer to the ridle on gs secret mission?


Cp were do you find the tinder in g's secret mission?

Survival guide in the inventory

What is the secret word in gs secret mission in club penguin?