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goldenrod city. it uses normal types.

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Q: Where is the third gym in soul silver?
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How do you get the third gym leader to appear in soul silver?

go to the Pokemon gym

What type is the 3rd gym on soul silver?

The third gym is Normal type. It is insanely easy.

What do you after you have beaten misty in Pokemon Soul Silver?

go to the third gym (lt.surge)

Where is the third gym leader in Pokemon soul silver?

The third gym leader is in Goldenrod City in the radiotower. after you get the radio card she goes to her gym to the east of the radiotower.

Where is the third gym leader in soul silver?

In the radio tower of golden rod city. Hope this helped!

Where is the third gym badge on soul silver Kanto region?

i think its the rainbow badge from erika in celadon city

Where can you find each of the gym leaders in Pokemon soul silver?

In the gym!

What gym is blaine in soul silver?

seafoam islands; 15th gym

Where do you find gym leader pryce on Pokemon soul silver?

in his gym

Can you become a gym leader in soul silver?


Where is the 4th gym leader silver?

The fourth gym leader in Pokemon Soul Silver is in Ecruteak City.

In Pokemon soul silver what do you do after you beat the 7 gym?

move to the 8th gym