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Q: Where is the sweet spot on the grizzly bear in zoo hospital wii?
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On zoo hospital for Wii where is the sweet spot for the sassquatch?

its pelvis

Where is the Zebra's sweet spot on Zoo Hospital?

On the side of his neck.

Where is the Lemur's sweet spot on Zoo Hospital?

on her stomach just above her legs

On zoo hospital for the Wii where is the sweet spot for the ostrich?

Rub up and down her neck for a while.

On zoo hospital for the Wii where is the sweet spot for the tortoise?

I did this about 3-4 times until I figured it out, her sweet spot is around her jaw and the beginning of her neck but don't pat it, roughly scratch it and it should work for you.

Does The Grizzly Bear Kill Humans?

Grizzlies would rather not mess around with people, but if you happen across some grizzly cubs, you can be sure that their mom is close by. She will attack and sometimes kill humans. Grizzlies are just plain huge. There is not much you can do to defend yourself against a grizzly. Edit: Yes but very rarely. Most of the fuss is caused by there destruction of property. Much like the Great White Shark, they are misportrayed as cruel killers by the media when they are quite docile in nearly every situation. Just think, which would make the news; tourists spot grizzly bear v.s grizzly bear mauls tourists. Only the bad is shown. So to answer your question- yes, but you are 12x more likely to be killed by bees than a Grizzly Bear.

On Zoo hospital for the Wii where is the sweet spot for the owl?

Between it's left wing and head. Somewhat near his left shoulder. Do you know where sassquatch's is??

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