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The Fourth Gym is located in Foretree City. To reach it you need to get surf from Wally's father in an event after defeating your father (Petalburg City Gym Leader). Then you will need to surf your way there from Mauville City. To do this Surf to the Right along Route 118 and then walk north along Route 119. You will have to walk most of this route as it is covered in tall grass. (Take this opportunity to catch a Tropius [9% appearance rate in the tall grass])

Once in Fortree, You cannot immediately enter the gym because something invisible is blocking the way. Exit Fortree city heading right from the right most side across from the pokecenter and then go south, you'll find a bridge and in the middle will be Steven. He will give you the Devon scope and trigger a combat with a Kecleon to demonstrate the scope so be ready if you plan to catch it. (Stock a bunch of Ultra balls from the shop in Fortree) If you don't catch this one you cannot catch the one in front of Fortree's Gym as it flees without combat. If you miss out on the first one you can find more Kecleon (Rare) in locations detailed on Bulbpedia:

Example: 1% appearance rate in grass on route 119

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Q: Where is the sixth gym located in emerald?
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Where is the sixth gym on sapphire?

The sixth gym in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald is located in Fortree City. The gym leader is Winona, who uses flying types.

What is the 6th gym in emerald?

The sixth gym in the gym in fortree city....and the leader is winnona...

Which is the sixth gym in Pokemon emerald?

The Fortree gym.

Where is the sixth gym at on emerald?

Fortree City.

Where is the sixth gym in Pokemon Emerald?

Fortree fortree city

Where the 7th gym bage is in emerald?

The seventh gym badge in Emerald is located in Mossdeep City.

Where is the sixth gym badge in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The sixth gym badge (the Marsh badge) is located at Saffron City's gym. It is in Gym Leader Sabrina's possession, so you have to defeat her to obtain it.

What is the gym after the fifth gym leader in emerald?

The sixth gem is with Leader Winona in Fortree city. You need surf to get to that city. You get surf from Wally's dad after you beat the fifth gym. You surf there from Mauville.

Where is the 6th gym on Pokemon pearl?

The Sixth Gym Leader is Byron. He uses Steel types. His gym is located in Canalave City.

Where is the seventh gym located in emerald?

Mosdeep City Surf there from Lilycove

Where is Stevens house located in emerald?

mossdeep city somwhere by the gym

Where is the 4th gym in Pokemon emerald?

The fourth gym is located in Lavaridge Town,past Mt.Chimney on Route 112.