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in the moo moo generation X map XD

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Q: Where is the secret place in moo moo generation x 3.9?
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What moves does manectric learn by itself?

In generation III Manectric learns: Level 31: Roar Level 39: Bite Level 45: Thunder Level 53: Charge

Where can you find the TM for Drain Punch in SoulSilver?

On Route 39 near the MOO MOO Farm! You are most welcome and if you need more help check these other items! TM Taunt: In the burned tower in Ecruteak! TM Earthquake: In victory road( use strength) TM Dark pulse: In victory road( use rock smash) Dragon fang: In dragon Den in Blackthorn City HM Waterfall: In the Ice path( make sure you wear a!!! )

What level does scraggy evolve?

Scraggy evolves into Scrafty starting at level 39.Scraggy is #559 in the National Pokedex, and was introduced in the Generation V Pokemon titles (Black and White) where it could be found on Routes 1, 4, and 18, in the Desert Resort, and in the P2 Laboratory. In Generation VI (X and Y), it can be found on Route 5 in a horde.____Scraggy evolves at level 39 but i would give it an everstone until level 53 because it will learn these moves by about 10 levels slower if you evolve it immediately at 39. For the list below the first number will be Scraggy's "Learning Level" and the second number will be Scrafy's (Scraggy's Evolution) "Learning Level" an example is 34,54Facade 42,45Rock Climb 45,51Focus Punch 49,58Head Smash 53,65

When does scraggy evolve?

Scraggy evolves at level 39.At level 39

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Play missions, go in arena 39, and enter card codes to get clues. Get all 39!! ~James the Janus Check out this reusable card code! P3GJW7JEXP

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