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The level doesn't involve a "were to go" basis, the key can be found when you get to each pipe under 50 seconds. you will see some chargin' chucks throwing baseballs if done correctly.

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Q: Where is the secret key in chocolate island 3 in super Mario world?
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How do you get through chocolate island in super Mario world?

so if you want to pass Super Mario world chocolate island you need to pass the forest as soon as you do that you pass the first and ghost house in chocolate secret. Here's a hint when you reach the greenish bluish monster in chocolate island try to get out of that level as fast as you can. The best can be about 2:87 in time. As soon as you pass that finish the second part in that level as fast as you can too which means to watch out for the turtles time 2:66. Finally you will know you went to the next level by jumping over the football players getting the key and locking it into the hole. If you didn't understand whatever i just wrote write your question in youtube than a video will describe what i just explained.

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