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you first have to get inbetween 50,000-1000,000 experince points. then hit the map and look to the right. you will also get 1-2 white pups. (albino pups) you can do that by getting a guy beat up almost to death then just before he leaves, pause the game and hit pack stats. the experince points should be going up fast. stop around 100,000
The secret den is the slough creek den.

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Q: Where is the secret den in WolfQuest?
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Were is the secret den in wolfquest?

The secret den known as Slough Creek den is between Slough Creek and Bison Peak den in the hills. Regards, Lunaressa WolfQuest

How many experience points do you need to get the secret den on Wolfquest?

about 50 thousand

How many points do you need for the secret den on wolfquest?

A lot. 'Bout 50 thousand experience points.

Do you have to mark all of your territory to enter your den on WolfQuest?

There is currently no way to enter your den in WolfQuest.

What happens if your exp points get the highest on wolfquest 2 survival of the pack?

1. You can get the secret den. 2. You get an albino pup.

What is the aspen den in WolfQuest?

legends in wolfquest says that the aspen den is the safest den of all and can keep your 4 pups alive even going to the summer den!

Is there an underwater den in WolfQuest?


Is there a secret den in WolfQuest?

yes and after u finish it u have a flud fat which will give u one damage per attack

How do you get your ppups to cange color on wolfquest?

i think you can only get one albino pup with a secret den on a glitch [ not a bad glitch its a glitch your aloud to do]

Is there more than one secret den in WolfQuest Slough Creek?

There are four dens in WolfQuest: three are unlocked when you begin in Slough Creek by default. The fourth "secret" den is unlocked when you have achieved 25,000 experience points. The fourth den is pretty glitchy, and as such isn't recommended because of the bugs it causes -- such as your pups straying away from the territory when they shouldn't, and predators being ridiculously fast spawners. It's best that you avoid this den so as to avoid the glitches and bugs it presents.

Where is the secret den on wolfquest?

The secret den is by slough creek. you go directly to the river( slough creek) and then turn on scent view. (V) when you do that, it should show you a purple fog. follow it. It should bring you almost directly to it. just turn to your right a little and there ya go! ;)

How do you make a den on wolfquest?

you can't make/create a den but you can find one! You can find a den in Slouth Creek after you find a mate.