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some of the pixo codes are Henry sendintheclowns deluxeplus pixolator and pixosaremoveing. and that's the end of part 1. part 2 is coming soon.

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Q: Where is the secret code on the pixos instructions?
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Does the the secret code expire for pixos?


Where do you got to enter the secret code in pixOs?

By visiting their main site and going to template gallery, on the right of the flash animation you will see a place to enter your secret code.

On pixos when you enter a code what can you do?

you cabjjkl;lkjj

How much are pixos at Costco?

[500 pixos] PS go to join cashboy and the young redz

What is the secret code to get in moshi monsters headquarters?

Each member has to figure out their own code. Go to the House for Rent on Sludge Street and follow the instructions to figure out your own code.

Can you use pixos twice?

Yes you can use pixos twice but if you do make sure to spray more water than normal.

Are pixos poisonous?

maybe maybe

How do you play pixos online?

go to

Where do they sell pixos?

Target Wal-mart

Are there any products similar to pixos?


Are Pixos made with the same materials as AquaDots?

Yes. Pixos and Aquadots (they are actually called Bindeez) both contain the non-toxic chemical 1,5-pentanediol.

What is the secret code for the sign in on moshi monsters?

You do not have to type in a secret code each time you sign in to Moshi Monsters. The secret code box is there for when you do have a secret code to redeem.