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here are how to find all 3 ninja bombers:

you have to use the fishing rope for a ninja bomber in 'moon zone c' look for swirls in the water but not by the waterfall, the little river coming off of it

you shake the threes in 'sunny zone a' for another ninja, the tree is the one that's in the top corner of the map

the other one is in the sand in 'star zone c' sweep the heap of sand away with the worn broom

tah-dah all ninjas!!

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Q: Where is the second ninja in bomberman land touch 2?
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What Nintendo DS game is single card download player with 8 players or more?

Well, heres eight. brainage 1 brainage 2 bomberman bomberman2 bomberman land touch bomberman land touch 2 bomberman story mario kart

How do you catch the horse in bomberman land touch 2?

you hold the stylus close to bomberman to make him walk instead of running. then walk slowly to the horse.goodluck!

When did Bomberman Land happen?

Bomberman Land happened in 2000.

How do you get star bomber's stick on bomberman land touch 2?

i dont know can someone help me

When was Bomberman Land created?

Bomberman Land was created on 2000-12-21.

What can you do with the wind machine on bomberman land touch?

use it on the sand in the clover zone to uncover treasure cheasts

Where is the thief bomber in bomberman land touch 2?

you will have to find him twice first time he is behind the moon pole in 'moon zone b' second time he is up a tree in 'sunny zone a'

How do you get 15 star pices on bomberman land touch 2?

You can find them in trees and shake the trees or you can play a bunch of different mini games.

How do you get the flower bomb back from cute pink in bomberman Land touch?

You go to the island where Serena was in Heart zone, and talk to Cute Pink.

Where are the three ninjas in bomberman land touch 2?

ones in the water in moonzone the 2nd is in a tree in sunny zone the 3rd is in the sand on the beach in starzone

What prize do you get from Thief Bomber if you find him in Bomberman land 2?

I thing is the prize of bomberman land 2 is like 29 dollars for me i dont wanna but it is to much

How do you get diamond pieces in bomberman land touch?

you battle or beat some attractions in the diamond zone and there's i think 2 people your supposed to beat in that zone which is kid blue and cute pink