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when you first start the game it is to your left

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Q: Where is the seattle poster on Hannah Montana wireless quest?
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What are some poster codes for moshi monsters?

Dustbin Beaver Poster: giftisland23Fizzbang Poster: DEMONSTAGB Eye Monster Poster: DJQUACK2I.G.G.Y Champ Poster: RANCHLiberty Poster: ONEWORLDMoshling Collector Chart (Poster): allmoshlingsTop Trumps Poster: amphisbaenaeStrangeglove Roary Poster: squiddly

Are There Any Hannah Montana Wireless Quest Cheats?

Breeziibby's Answer : I've actually played the game and won pretty easily although there are no cheats because it changes everytime. You will receive a text from Jackson saying:"THINK YOU CAN FIND YOUR DIARY FLY TO SEATLE" then go look for a seattle poster in the hallway click "spacebar" and then click on the clue Hint 1: Click Spacebar everytime you want to enter a room or view a poster. The clue will tell you to go to a specific room and check in the recycle bin you will find a note that says "What's for lunch" Then go to the cafeteria and look at the lunch menu Hint 2: To access your GPS there is a button on the top of your phone that says "GPS MAP" then use the arrow keys to move around the map Dial the number on the whiteboard for example Green hint: (dial this number into your phone) You will receive a pic after you do go to the nearest open locker and hit "spacebar" it will tell you the combination for your locker then go around to every locker in the hallway in the school until you find the coloured lock. The rest is all easy so good luck...

What is the code to the megamind poster on moshi monsters?

There is no code for the poster. The Megamind poster was given out in a contest on the Daily Growl in 2010. The members who completed the Megamind's Super Hero Super Skillz Quiz were given a Megamind Poster as a prize and it was added to their inventory.

How do you get the top monster poster on Moshi Monsters?

the top monster poster is rare so just look back daily to find it. good luck! :)

How do you get the megamind poster in moshi monsters?

The poster was given out in a contest on the Daily Growl blog. You won't be able to buy this item from the shops in Monstro City.

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In wireless quest Hannah Montana where is the moose poster?

u go to the room a52 by using the gps device and u go to some lockers. there you should see a golden lock. click on it. you will have to unlock the code. but first, for the moose poster, type the phone number 5550171 on ur phone. there you will see the moose poster on the phone. but I'm not done with the quest, so that's all i got 4 u. BYE!

Where can you get the locker code in Hannah Montana wireless quest if it is not on the moose poster?

go look somewhere else

Where is it possible to purchase Hannah Montana posters?

It is possible to purchase Hannah Montana posters at Walmart. Walmart has a variety of posters to choose from. Prices start at $8.00 and up. People recommend purchasing a Hannah Montana poster from Walmart. If looking to purchase a Hannah Montana poster online, Allposters is a number one website to purchase posters like Hannah Montana. Allposters prices are very cheap and always have sales. These are two places to purchase a Hannah Montana poster.

Where can a Hannah Montana poster be purchased online?

A Hannah Montana poster can be purchased through many different websites and stores online. Some places would be: eBay, Walmart, Target, Amazon, and allposters.

Where can you find the combination for jacksons lock in Hannah Montana wireless quest?

If you find the moose poster, take a picture of it then look at it in full view in your inventory (find it then click ok). That's how I got the code :) hope this helps!

Where is the MOOSE poster in the game Hannah Montana wireless quest?

It changes every time. But if you like here are some of the places where I found them: Math room, Science room, hall of the library and outside the gym. You can check these out. :) Hope this helped you.

What is the code to get the Banana Montana poster on Moshi Monsters?

There is no Banana Montana poster available on Moshi Monsters.

Where is the moose poster on the Hannah Montana Wireless quest?

it is different every game. try looking in the last classroom you would look in. it's probably not in the science or art rooms though. once you take the picture, look at it in your inventory or else you won't see the locker number.i guss i don't know!

How do you get banana montana poster on moshi monsters?


How do you get banana montana poster moshi monsters?

you have to buy it I think but keep looking!

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