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The rocket team are not on four island. there are two grunts up a ways of Mt. Ember north of one island, however the Rocket Base is on five island. It requires two passwords if you want to enter. Work that bit out for yourself.

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Q: Where is the rocket team in three island?
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Where to find team rocket after you defeated them on six island in FireRed?

Team rocket was on five island not six island first of all second of all there gone forever after you beat them in the rocket warehouse.

Where is the team rocket warehouse on five island?

Its in the eastern part of the island.

Where does team rocket go after island 5 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Team rocket will go to the dotted hole after five island in leafgreen, but I'm not sure about firered.

Where is the team rocket ware house?

its in 5 island

Where's the location of the warehouse of team rocket on Pokemon Firered?

Beyond Five Isle Meadow, east of Five Island.The Team Rocket Warehouse is located on Chrono Island in the Five Island Meadow.five island

Where is team rocket's warehouse of Pokemon firered?

on five island

How do you get upgrade in Pokemon?

its in the team rocket warehouse on five island

Team rocket wearhouse?

This warehouse is found on five island on the east side of the island.

What is the pattern for the team rocket hideout on five island?

Chuck Norris

What do you do after you have battled team rocket on island 5?

get the Sapphire and give it to the men at the Pokemon center in island 1

How do you get to the end the team rocket hideout in fire red on island five?


How do you get the scientist away from the sapphire gem?

You have to go to the Rocket warehouse at Five Island and defeat team rocket and the scientist then he will give you the sapphire.