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You can find the product key in the Dawn of War folder on your computer. You can find it by searching for 'regedit' on your computer.

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Q: Where is the product key stored for dawn of war?
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What is the key code for dawn of war soulstorm?

im not sure where the soulstorm key code and does it only have one booklet? ty

What is a valid dawn of war soul storm CD key?

One that you get from buying the game at a store.

Where is the CD key located on the dawn of war soulstorm manual?

it's not on the manual, it's on the back, in the cover.

What is the key code for dawn of war?

It is located inside the Disc casing wich u must buy :P

Dawn of war 2?

dawn of war 2 are in the shop.

Why can i only play as two races in dawn of war dark crusade multiplayer when i have already unlocked the rest in everything else?

you need to download dawn of war and winter assault then when u play dark crusade enter the cd key.

When was At the Dawn of War created?

At the Dawn of War was created in 2005-02.

When will the next Dawn of war come out and what is its name?

Dawn of war retribution and it has already come out.

What can i do if i have a Dawn of war vista abnormal program termination?

it is not compatible with vista but dawn of war 2 is

Is dawn of war 1 on ps3?

No. Dawn of War 1 is a computer game or PC game.

Can you play Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising without the normal Dawn of War 2?

No you can't.

Can you get dawn of war for xbox 360?

Unfortunately, I don't think so. Dawn of War is for the PC only.