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in chip and dales acorn acers

^^ not my answer but i wont delete it

1 go to donalds dock 2 go through to chip and dale acorn acres 3 go to chip and dales mini Golf 4 once there you'll see a gray tunnel and at top says Bossbot HQ go throught it and your there

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Q: Where is the new bossbot HQ in toontown?
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What is ToonTown?

Toontown online is a game for kids in the game u make ur own toon any size,color,animal,gender, and clothing in this game the purpose is to fight the cogs that r taking the "Fun" out of Toontown Also in this game u Meet Friends play game's go on adventures, and more! Toontown also has new things like new types of buildings and new clothing items u can also decorate ur house with items from the catolog u can also Make clans! ( people have started this :D ) Make videos ( not really the point of the game ) but mostly have fun u can do many things u can get drop lure throw squirt sound toonup and trap! Drop is like a safe or a flower pot its something that falls on the cogs sound is of course a noise squirt is like seltzer bottles and flower squirtters and such lure is a gag that lure's the cogs so they can't attack! toonup is something used to heal ur friends Trap is a gag put in front of the cog such as " quick sand" and when its lured it ether "falls in" or " slipps on" example: quicksand ( falls in ) banana peel ( slips on ) u also have a laff meter! u start off as a 15 laffer and u level up ur laff by doing "tasks" Laff u can have: 15 - 135 gags: throw and squirt u r given for free but u can ether pick drop, sound, toonup,lure, or trap! but u can only have 6 of these 7 types u can also vp ( sellbot fight at sellbot HQ ) cfo ( located at cashbot HQ ) ceo ( located at bossbot HQ ) cj ( located at lawbot HQ ) factory ( sellbot HQ ) office ( lawbot HQ ) evil golf! ( bossbot HQ ) and office field! ( located anywhere on the streets ) :)

Where can you find double talkers in toontown?

Well try loopy lane and lawbot hq

On toontown do you have to pay money?

No. On toontown, you don't have to pay money to play.If you do, you will become a member and you will have more benefits than those who don't. For instance: no cog buildings out of toontown central, very limited toon tasks, you cant use chat, you cant go in any cog HQ elevator/ doors and you can't go in shops or toon HQ's in other neighbourhoods other than toontown central.

Where can you find mover and shakers in toontown?

The EXACTLY REVLANT places to find mover and shakers in toontown is in Daisy's Garden on Oak Street and in the Sellbot HQ <--- (you will always find them in here). :)

Where can you find telemarketers in toontown?

Telemarketers are a sellbot if I'm not mistaken. An a majority of sellbots are in daisies garden. All sellot HQ. If you need lower leves try looking in toontown centrals entrance to minnies melody land.

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Is their a new cog HQ in toontown?

There are only 4 Cog Headquarters in ToonTown. Sellbot, Bossbot, Cashbot, and Lawbot.

How do you get to acorn acres on toontown?

The tunnel is in Donald Dock. In acorn acres you can gold or go to the Bossbot HQ!

On toontown how do you get to the bossbot HQ?

Through chip and dales golf course in donalds dock(see map)

When is toontown coming out with somthing new?

When Toontown comes out with something new they try and keep it as secret as they can but sometimes rumors get started and you have to decifer truth from fact.... Hope this Helped!! Toontown's newest addition is Bossbot HQ *dramatic music plays* (accessed through Chip 'n' Dales Acorn Acres.) You might want to check it out!

How do you get a bassbot cog disguise in toontown?

There is no such thing as a bassbot disguise in toontown. There is a bossbot disguise, however. To get a bossbot disguise, finish all the toontasks up to DDL. The last few tasks of DDL gives u the bossbot disguise.

When did the skelecog HQ start in toontown?

Sorry but that hq has never started in toontown. Im not pretty sure if that hq is even going to be in toontown or not. Its what toontown decides to do.

When is bossbot HQ coming out?

It is out on test and should be out on open in 5-30 days!

In toontown which is easier lawbot HQ or cashbot HQ?


Can you be a gog on toontown?

Kind of, in Sellbot HQ if you beat the Factory 10 times, you get a Cog suit. when you first enter sellbot HQ there are 4 doors across the place. when you have your cog suit, you can enter those doors and you will be dressed up like a cog. also in the Lobby there is an 8 toon Elevator (it can fit 8 toons) and it will take you to fight the Sellbot VP. there are also 3 other versions of this. here's a list of them: Cashbot HQ: after you complete your Donald's Dreamland tasks, you will start Cashbot tasks, to earn parts for your Cashbot suit. The Lobby door is across the Cashbot Trainyard. Boss: Cashbot CFO Lawbot HQ: after you complete Donald's Dreamland tasks (set #2) you will start Lawbot Tasks, to earn your lawbot suit parts. the Lobby Door is in the giant door, to the left of Lawbot HQ Boss: Lawbot CJ Bossbot HQ: after you complete your Donald's Dreamland (Set #3) you will start Bossbot Tasks, to earn your Bossbot suit parts. The Lobby Door is across from the entrance of Bossbot HQ. Boss: Bossbot CEO ___________________________________________Wat the heck is a gog man do you mean cog?????

Where do you get a gag track for toontown?

Speak to the HQ officers in a HQ and they will explain it!

Which is the weakest cog on toontown?

A Flunky. This is a Bossbot Cog. Flunkys are the easiest because they are in your Toon-torial and Toontown wanted to show you an easy start with the weakest Cog.

Where is the toontown cashbot mint?

in cashbot HQ